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The Panama Walkin Tub

The Panama has our innovative outward-swinging door, which, combined with a generous 32” wide opening, makes it the easiest walk-in bathtub to access.

It comes with quick-filling taps and sits on 8 leveling legs for easy installation. In addition to all of our included standard features, it can also be equipped with any of our options.

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Available Options To Add On

Heated Air Jets

Experience the soothing benefit of soft, warm, air massage in your bath.

Micro Bubbles

See the difference of micro bubbles with their natural cleansing properties.

Heated Seat

With any walk-in tub, you have to wait in the tub while it fills.

03 Water Jet Sanitizer

Purify your water and make your skin feel softer, cleaner, and healthier!

Heated Water Jets

For those who like a strong massage on sore muscles.


Enjoy the benefits of essential oils with a built-in aromatherapy system

Padded Seat

Combine a rejuvenating massage with your bathing routine.

Silicone Pillow

Lean back and relax in even more comfort with the silicone pillow.


Light up your bath with underwater lights!

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