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Studies show that seniors live happier, healthier & longer lives living at home. Bathing is a very intimate & personal time, having someone helping you get in and out of the tub can make people feel a loss of dignity.
Our walk-in tubs not only allow you to stay in your home longer but often eliminates the need for outside help getting in and out of the tub safely.

independent senior

Staying Independent

We all age and when we do indepence becomes more important whether we live in Saskatchewan or anywhere else in Canada. Depending on others for personal care is something nobody wants, having a new walk-in tub can gives you the independace you desire.

walk-in tub spa

Your own personal spa!

Our clients tell us that having a new walk-in tub istalled is like having their own personal spa right in their own home. Turn the lights down low, light a candle and relax while letting the soothing hydrotherapy do it’s majic.

healthy couple

Healthy Living!

Improved quality of life with your new walk-In tub!

Let’s face it when it comes to aging, our bodies start to dictate what we can & cannot do. This can greatly affect our quality of life and our emotional state of mind. When we feel better we do better!

There are many benifits of hydrotherapy ranging from reducing arthritic pain to improved blood circulation. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Walk-In Tbs

Are walk-in tubs worth the money?

Being able to bathe safely & comfortably without assistance is worth a lot to most walk-in tub owners.Having easy access, whirlpool jets, a heated backrest, and the health benefits that come ownership makes it worth every penny.

What do walk-in tubs sell for in Saskatchewan?

The cost for a walk-in tub in Saskatchewan ranges from about $2,500 to $20,000. The costs vary depending on the size, type, brand, level of customization and selected features and difficulty in installation.

Features that affect cost of walk-in tubs in Saskatchewan

Just like any other product, walk-in tubs vary in cost. Do you want a tub with all the features and benefits or just the econo model? Here are some Features & Benefits that affect the cost of a walk-in tub in Regina.

Walk-in Tub Model Features Walk-in Tub Benefits
Heated Water Jets Rejuvenating Massage
Chromatherapy Self-Healing Light Therapy
Heated Seat Keeps You Warm As The Tub Fills
Micro Bubbles Natural Cleansing Properties
Aromatherapy Holistic Healing Treatment
Grab Bars Improves Accessibility & Safety
High Flow Taps Fills Tub Faster
Quick Drainage Time Drain Tub Faster
Manufacturing Materials Quality Construction
Factors that affect the cost of Installing a walk-in tub.
Factors Affecting Cost Related Issues
Accessibility Difficulty in getting the tub into your home.
Ease of Installation

>Electrical & plumbing hook ups 

Model Choice Different models have different Installation challenges
Washroom Layout

Walk-in Tub Positioning in bathroom

Bathtub Removal Work Involved In removing the old Tub
Condo Rules Working with condominium restrictions
Are There Health Benefits to Walk-in Tubs?

Yes, there are actually many health benefits, here are just a few!

  1. Improved Mobility
  2. Improved Circulation
  3. Decreased Pain
  4. Helps Relieve Stress & Anxiety
  5. Increases Oxygen Delivery
  6. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
  7. Promotes Sleep
  8. Soothes Skin Conditions
  9. Promotes Heart Health
Are walk-in tubs covered by Medicare?

Medicare doesn’t consider walk-in bathtubs to be durable medical equipment (DME) and will not cover the cost of the tub or installation except in a few extreme cases where a person is totally disabled. For details see Saskatchewan Health Benefits.

Are walk-in tubs tax deductible?

No, walk-in tubs are not tax deductible in Saskatchewan. You can however get a break on the PST. You only have to pay PST on the labour component.There are other tax credits you can apply for depending on certain situations. You will need to check out these details yourself.

Consumers Guide to Purchasing a Walk-in Tub in Saskatchewan

Things you need to consider when looking to purchase a walk-in tub in Regina or anywhere else in Saskatchewan. 

Step1. Understand that all walk-in tubs are not equal.Do your homework.
Step 2. Establish what you can afford to spend and stick to it.
Step 3. Use a Canadian supplier wherever possible.
Step 4. Purchase & Instal the tub with the same company.
Step 5. Compare Warranties
Step 6. Check to see if the company carries insurance.
Step 7. Get everything in writing.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

I have trouble walking & standing. I don’t need help anymore to get in and out of the tub! Thank you!


Saskatoon SK

Thanks to my new walk-in tub I can know bathe at home. It’s so comfortable & easy to use.


North Battleford SK

What a difference this has made. When I am relaxing with those water jets going I don’t have a care in the world!

Betty K.

Regina SK

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Walk-In Tubs Saskatchewan provides Sales & Service in the following locations in SK.

Walk-in Tubs Regina | Seniors Safety Tubs SK                               Walk-in Tubs Saskatoon | Seniors Safety Tubs SK

Walk-in Tubs Martensville | Seniors Safety Tubs SK                     Walk-in Tubs Eastend | Seniors Safety Tubs SK

Walk-in Tubs Humboldt | Seniors Safety Tubs SK                         Walk-in Tubs Swift Current | Seniors Safety Tubs SK

Walk-in Tubs Melville | Seniors Safety Tubs SK                              Walk-in Tubs Carlyle | Seniors Safety Tubs SK

Walk-in Tubs Stoughton | Seniors Safety Tubs SK                          Walk-in Tubs Maple Creek | Seniors Safety Tubs SK

Walk-in Tubs Chaplin | Seniors Safety Tubs SK                               Walk-in Tubs Shaunavon | Seniors Safety Tubs SK

Walk-in Tubs Weyburn | Seniors Safety Tubs SK


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